Training (Toolshed)

Gain XP in the Toolshed! Increase your earning power by Leveling Up your NFTs!

Each FarmerLand NFT has a single stat: Ability, Fertility, Quality, and Wisdom for Farmers, Land, Tools, and Minotaurs, respectively. All FarmerLand NFTs have the ability to increase their stat value by gaining XP (Leveling Up)!

  • Starting Level: 0

  • Maximum Level (Farmers, Land, Tools): 150

  • Maximum Level (Minotaurs): 200

The cost to gain each level includes no extra fees beyond gas and WHEAT tokens:

Cost to Gain Next Level = (0.5 + 0.045 × Next Level) WHEAT

Gaining each level becomes more expensive as the NFT gains levels! To level a Farmer, Tool, or Land to level 150 costs 585 WHEAT, and to level a Minotaur to level 200 costs 1004 WHEAT.

Each Level Up increases the NFT's stat value by 0.08-0.20, and the amount of gain depends on the total amount of the user's last 7 USDT Auction lobby entries (including the current one):

If the user has not entered any USDT to auction lobbies within the past 7 days, the gain is 0.08 Stat/Level, and the Stat gain increases linearly up to 0.20 Stat/Level at 300 USDT bid.

Training NFTs without the maximum boost reduces the maximum stat cap, as the Level Cap is 150 or 200 and does not change!


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