🚀Airdrop Event

The launch of FarmerLand v2 will be preceded by an Airdrop Event for participants in FarmerLand v1! The following airdrops will all be conducted before the opening of WHEAT staking and the USDC lobby:

WHEAT Balances of v1 Participants

The user's exact balance of WHEAT credit at the time of the snapshot on 2-8 at 11pm GMT will be sent as v2 WHEAT. This includes, using the wallet's best three NFTs owned to calculate the Field bonus:

  • WHEAT balance in the wallet

  • Staked WHEAT

  • Pending bonus tokens from WHEAT stakes

  • Pending WHEAT harvests from the Stable

  • User's WHEAT in the OTC contract

  • WHEAT from the Day 9 auction lobby

All non-team wallets that participated in v1 will receive this airdrop, with the exception of one wallet we have filtered out, which used the bug in v1 to accumulate excessive WHEAT.

Compensatory WHEAT for Non-ROI in v1

Users who had overall negative USDC ROI in FarmerLand v1 will receive extra v2 WHEAT according to the following formula:

Extra WHEAT = (USDC In v1 - USDC Out v1 + NFT Credit) / 7.43
  • We subtract the amount of USDC harvested from the amount of USDC spent on WHEAT in v1 to find the Raw ROI

  • Because NFTs were a slower way to profit in v1, we add partial NFT Credit to the Raw ROI to find the Adjusted ROI:

    • NFT Credit is 25% of the total USDC equivalent spent on FarmerLand NFTs, with the WHEAT component converted to a daily USDC price

  • The quantity (USDC In v1 - USDC Out v1 + NFT Credit) is the user's adjusted ROI

  • $7.43 was the average WHEAT price over the last 5 days of completed v1 USDC auctions

Majestic Minotaurs

The Adjusted ROI from above will be used to determine the distribution of complimentary Majestic Minotaurs. All users who participated in v1 and had an Adjusted ROI of $125 or less will receive airdropped Majestic Minotaurs according to the following rules:

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