Staking (Stable)

Stake unlimited FarmerLand NFTs in the Stable to earn WHEAT and USDT dividends!

All FarmerLand NFTs can be staked in the Stable. For technical reasons, there is an overall farm size limit of 150 NFTs staked per account. Users may stake in additional accounts without limit.

The Stable pool earns the following:

All tokens are emitted gradually over a target time of 12 hours when received by the Stable pool.

Each staked NFT receives Stable Allocation Points that add to a user's total!

  • Farmer Allocation Points: 10 + Ability

  • Land Allocation Points: 10 + Fertility

  • Tool Allocation Points: 10 + Quality

  • Minotaur Allocation Points: 70 + Wisdom

Stable staking is custodial, meaning that the NFTs are transferred to the MasterChef address while staked. This is in contrast to the Field, in which NFTs are locked while remaining in the user's wallet.


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