Boosting (Field)

Generate bonus yield in the Field by combining the stats of all four NFT types!

NFTs staked in the Field boost the following earnings:

One Farmer, one Land, one Tool, and one Minotaur can be staked in the Field per account. The boost factors for all three NFT types are multiplied to generate the boosted yield:

Total boosted income = Income with no bonus × Farmer Bonus Rate × Land Bonus Rate × Tool Bonus Rate × Minotaur Bonus Rate

Each Bonus Rate is 1.0 (no bonus) if nothing is staked in a given slot. If NFTs are staked:

  • Farmer Bonus Rate = 1.05 + 0.003 × Ability

  • Land Bonus Rate = 1.05 + 0.003 × Fertility

  • Tool Bonus Rate = 1.05 + 0.003 × Quality

  • Minotaur Bonus Rate = 1.05 + 0.003 × Wisdom

Training in the Toolshed has enhanced effects when you have recently deposited USDT into the daily auctions!

Field staking is "Roosting," meaning that the NFTs are noncustodially staked without being transferred to our MasterChef address. Field NFTs remain in your wallet while providing bonus yield! NFTs can be sold while Roosted and unroost on transfer.


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