Your Own Farm on the Blockchain - a P2E NFT game on Arbitrum Network

We are currently in the pre-launch phase. To participate, please check out our Launch Schedule!

FarmerLand - Your Own Farm on the Blockchain!

Welcome to FarmerLand, a Farm-themed idle P2E NFT game and DeFi experience on Arbitrum Network!

Combine Farmer, Land, Tool, and Minotaur NFTs to earn WHEAT tokens and USDC dividends in our Stable Staking and the WHEAT Market, where you can bid in our Daily Auctions!

Farm for fun and profit!

NFTs' stats maximize your gains!

  • NFTs have random Ability, Fertility, Quality, and Wisdom stats when minted in the Barn

  • Increase your NFTs' Stat values by Training in the Toolshed!

  • Minotaurs are raid leaders: they have higher base stats and level cap and cost NFTs to mint

FarmerLand Market: WHEAT DeFi

Exciting idle gameplay for riches and glory!

In addition, check out our Roadmap to learn about upcoming features in future FarmerLand versions. We have lots of great expansion plans to share with you!

FarmerLand System Infographic

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