🧑‍🌾FarmerLand NFTs

FarmerLand has four types of playable NFTs: Farmers, Land, Tools, and Minotaurs. They can be deployed to earn WHEAT tokens and USDT dividends!

Farmers, Land, and Tools are the "Standard" NFT types. Their starting stat ranges and level caps are all the same. They cost WHEAT and gas tokens to mint.

Minotaurs are the "raid leaders" of FarmerLand! They have higher starting and maximum stat values than the other three NFT types, and minting them costs at least 7 other FarmerLand NFTs.

Farmers, Land, and Tools were the only three NFT types in FarmerLand v1, and Minotaurs were newly added in v2 to add a deflationary element and a higher achievement cap to the FarmerLand NFT economy.

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