Initially minted: 89,000 WHEAT

  • FarmerLand v1 user balances: 55,263.02 WHEAT

  • Compensation for negative USDC ROI in v1: 10,735 WHEAT

  • DAO share: 7,500

  • Promotions and Incentives: 1001.98 WHEAT

  • Leftover (only distributed to v1 participants whom the script missed): 14500 WHEAT*

    • *To be burned after confirmation of airdrop receipt by v1 participants

Minted by daily auction: 5,000 WHEAT initially, then decreases by 1% each day

  • See emission chart in Daily Auction section

  • The daily amount of WHEAT and rate of decrease can be changed by admin

In addition to the WHEAT minted by the daily auction, the following WHEAT amounts are minted:

  • 10% of daily lobby amount to Stable NFT Staking pool

  • 10% of daily lobby amount to Dev/infrastructure

  • Bonus WHEAT tokens for staking NFTs in the Field

  • Bonus WHEAT tokens for redeeming stakes

  • Referral bonuses


USDT that enters the protocol is handled according to the description in the Daily Auction section.

The Team will contribute $36,000 USDC spread over the first 16 days of auction lobbies!

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